Complete Medical & Surgical Care for Your Pet

Your pet is an important member of your family, so when it has health problems, you want the best possible care for your pet. At the Astoria Animal Hospital we provide the best medical and surgical care to resolve a variety of pet-related medical problems. If your dog or cat needs surgery, we provide you with pre- and post-operation tips to make the process go smoother.


Our Services include, but are not limited to:

• Ultrasound

• Digital X-Ray

• On-Screen Exam

• Complete Pharmacy

• Dental & Oral Surgery

• Microchip Implant

• Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgery

• In-Clinic FIV Test

• Laser for Surgery & Therapy

• Electro-surgery

• Electrocardiogram

• Ophthalmic Surgery

• In-Clinic Heartworm Test

• In-Clinic FeL Leukemia Test

• Complete Blood Test

• In-Clinic Canine Parvo 

Our Facility Is Ready With The Latest State of The Art Equipment

There are constant advances in veterinary medicine. Our Animal Hospital is equipped with the latest state of the art technology available in order to provide better care for your pet. Below only a small sample of the many different technologies we employ here at Astoria Animal Hospital. Contact us today for first-class technology that restores your pet’s health faster.


Digital X-Rays
Filmless and timeless, digital X-rays instantly transmit images wirelessly to the computer. Images stored on the computer can be managed, printed, or emailed.


Full in-house laboratory:

– Complete with Chemistry analyzer and Whole Blood diagnostics
– Increases Convenience for our clients- results within minutes
– Speeds up recovery time for your pet by getting them the correct treatment fast



– New, Advanced compact Ultrasound system
– Used to see pathologies otherwise unseen by any other means besides surgery
– Ensures quick and accurate diagnosis

Eye Care
At the Astoria Animal Hospital we use the following tests for better diagnoses and eye care:
• Eye Tests for Diagnosing Eye Problems
• Fluorescein Stain Identifies the Presence of Corneal Ulcers
• Schirmer Tear Test Determines the Level of Tear Production
• Ocular Pressure Detects Glaucoma
• Ophthalmoscope Helps Evaluate the Eye Chamber


Ear Care
Prevent ear problems in your pets with ear care help from Astoria Animal Hospital. The use of ear cleaning solution on a regular basis can be helpful in maintaining your pet’s ear health


Tips for Dental Care:
• Yearly Dental Checkups
• Stop Pets from Chewing on Hard Materials
• Maintain a Nutritious Diet
• Provide Chew Treats
• Regular Brushing at Home


In-Clinic SNAP test helps provide simple, quick results

– In-Clinic Heartworm Test
– In-Clinic Leukemia Test
– In-Clinic Canine Parvo
– In-Clinic FIV Test

A microchip is a permanent ID that cannot be altered or removed. The return-to-owner rate for microchipped dogs is over 52 percent (vs. 22% shelter searched).